Advantages of Transit Service

In ocean freight forwarding, there are both direct and via sea routes. In areas where there is no direct service, or where space is not available for direct service, cargo can be transported to its destination by transshipment using the via sea route service.

From Japan to any port in the world via Shanghai

One of the reasons why space is not available for services currently offered by shipping companies is that there are few direct flights from Japan to destinations. In contrast, services from Japan via China offered by shipping companies are flooded with customers and are almost fully booked. AASC offers a route from Japan to China via China that is not offered by the shipping companies, and we arrange and offer this route independently, making it relatively easy to obtain space since space is reserved on the Chinese side.

Via Shanghai to Los Angeles (LAX) / Long Beach (LGB)

Via Shanghai for Global Ports

Combined air service with ship via Busan/Incheon to avoid congestio

First, shipments are transported from major ports in Japan to Busan/Incheon by ship. Next, bonded trucks will be used to transport the cargo from the port to the air port, and then the cargo will be transported from Busan/Incheon to the destination by air. This plan is faster than ocean transport to the destination, and more cost-effective than air transport only.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Warehouse

General cargo, hazardous materials, foodstuffs, frozen goods, chemicals, etc. can be stored.


Warehouse transshipment

The warehouse is organized, neat, and clean. Japanese AASC quality is thoroughly maintained as it is all over the world. We provide photos and videos of the entire process from debanning to storage in bonded warehouses, so you can leave all the work to us with peace of mind.

Documents required for customs clearance

Documents for bonded customs clearance
B/L, Invoice, Packing List, HS code, Packing Certificate
Documents for transshipment customs clearance
Invoice, Packing List
Our company and Chinese staff can prepare the documents for you.

We offer optimized logistics plans for any location in the world.


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