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Uptake is the world’s largest industrial AI company.

Japanese industry is entering a new AI age.
And Microsoft, a leading software developer, and AASC, a Japanese global business firm, have formed a partnership to solve business challenges in industry.


Auto parts, medicines, PCs, beverages


Maintenance efficiency Failure prediction

Wind power, solar power, nuclear power


Maintenance Efficiency Failure Prediction Accident Prediction

Luggage, cargo ships, warehouses, trucks


Maintenance Efficiency Failure Prediction Accident Prediction

Excavator car, mixer car

Heavy Machinery

Maintenance Efficiency Failure Prediction Accident Prediction

Trains, planes, taxis, bullet trains

Public Transportation

Maintenance Efficiency Failure Prediction Accident Prediction

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What kind of employees does your company have?

Are these employees well utilized in your daily operations?


Lack of knowledgeable engineers

Spends a lot of time on maintenance and upkeep

There is a lot of wasted fuel and power


AASC’s industrial AI services can solve your problems.

Engineers who used to need hundreds of people

From now on, it is one or two people.

The light bulb is shining

Visualization of problems and issues

AI can predict and foresee problems and issues without the need to go to the site, making visible things that were previously invisible.

Staff sending instructions by truck, container ship, cloud, PC

Improved business efficiency

It can improve and strengthen corporate activities and management structure by increasing operational efficiency.


Cost Reduction

Less time wasted on maintenance and upkeep.

World’s Largest Database of Industry Knowledge
Asset Strategy Library™

Models failure mechanisms and maintenance tasks for more than 2,000 pieces of industrial equipment.
Optimized operational data from hundreds of millions of hours and hundreds of different pieces of information to ensure the success of your AI system.

The data is derived from a large scale RCM survey and implementation. Failures due to frequency of use or unpredictable failures, time to degradation, etc. Covers a wider range of knowledge than standard RCMs.


AASC’s AI Services for Industry
Reasons to be Confident



No need to worry if you have a problem
More than 300 AI specialists are standing by to provide accurate answers to your problems.


Customized to the customer’s needs
We solve problems with tailor-made proposals that are tailored to each customer.


Results are everything, and we do everything we can to achieve them.
From the field to managers and executives, we will do everything we can to make it effective. (If we don’t get results, we will refund your money)

Uptake is the world’s top success story in AI services for industry.
Uptake’s partnership with Microsoft has resulted in a more powerful services business model.
This industrial AI business approach has already been adopted and proven by many companies in the United States.
With AASC’s appointment as Uptake’s exclusive distributor in Asia, Asia will start with a focus on Japan.

All services, including applications and backups, are available in Japanese.
AASC will provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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