Handling of OOG freight

Steel rolls


We have a strong track record of handling large-scale freight that cannot fit inside an ordinary size container, such as machine tools and steel rolls. We arrange OOG containers, and provide a stable service in terms of cost and space.

Door-to-door delivery of danagerous freight

Dangerous freight


With regard to dangerous freight as well, we provide door-to-door delivery from the collection point on the Japan side to the importer in the destination country. FCL and LCL are also possible.

Frozen and refrigerated items

Frozen items such as frozen scallops, frozen shrimp, and fresh items such as paprika, corn, and lettuce etc.


When transporting frozen and refrigerated items for which temperature management is required, we arrange reefer containers that can be kept at a fixed temperature. For fresh items as wll, for which long distances are difficult, we are able to delivery these in a fresh state.

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