Production and logistics planning control chart preparation

We ask our customers carefully on the content of their work and production, in order to form a distribution schedule


Carefully listen to the customer’s business production details and set up a logistics schedule
By scheduling and visualizing shipments according to the various timings in the customer’s production, we can realize a stable logistics plan that prevents delivery delays, etc.
We receive medium- to long-term (or short-term) production and delivery schedules in advance, determine the vessels based on the delivery schedule for each production schedule, and create a management chart of the shipping schedule.

The shipping advise sheet includes details such as departure date, estimated time of departure, arrival date, estimated time of arrival, final destination, etc., and is basically emailed to you once a week while the cargo is in service. There is no need for you to worry about or track the schedule yourself.

Negotiation and consultation on yard delivery date

Container yard where the containers are unloaded for temporary collection


In case, due to the production and shipping status, there is a risk of not being in time for the scheduled ship, AASC will negotiate the yard delivery date and time in place of the customer.

Securing under decks and hot delivery

Containers stacked high on a ship


Securing under decks
For ocean transportation, which has a longer delivery time compared to air transport, and can easily be affected by sea water and humidity, it is possible to minimize external damage to the cargo by storing and transporting containers inside the ships (under decks),. we take request from our customers and negotiate with shipping line to secure the space under the decks as nesessary.

Arrangement of hot delivery services
In case the arrival of the container at its destination is delayed beyond its scheduled date due to any reasons, we will try to arrange Hot Delivery Service which allow our customers’ containers to be off-loaded from the vessel prior to others’. we never doubt there should be a way to meet cusomers’ satisfaction in any difficult occasion.

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