Supported by AASC’s logistics to ensure a stable supply

As the purchasing department that mainly handles parts delivered to Autoliv (Group/Japan), the world’s largest automotive safety systems supplier
We procure and supply automotive safety components used in seat belts, airbags, steering wheels, and other components for automobiles worldwide.

Children wearing seat belts

AASC is supporting Autoliv all over the world.

The parts ordered from Autolive are purchased and procured from the parts maker by the purchasing department of AASC (Japan), and the parts maker delivers the parts. The parts will be delivered to Autoliv plants around the world through AASC's logistics department.
AASC is committed to reducing the amount of ancillary work required so that suppliers can focus on their core business of production and product development, while maintaining competitive and superior quality and meeting delivery deadlines.

A single point of contact can supply parts to multiple countries.
Our bilingual and trilingual sales staff can expand your business globally.

Through close communication with suppliers around the world, we read potential needs and create opportunities to expand current business with outstanding proposals and ideas.

One Stop Service

Our Purchasing Department combines the functions of a trading company with a strong logistics network to provide a one-stop service that handles everything from purchasing to delivery to local factories.
This service combines logistics and trading to supply auto parts worldwide just in time.

Direct business model does not go smoothly due to language problems and ASM’s knowledge

Parts supply

That’s where AASC’s One-Stop Service, corner to corner, efficient.

Parts supply
The advantage of going through AASC is that transactions are smooth, and our factory plants and suppliers around the world are very satisfied with our services.

As of 2018 Results

280 Annual shipments (ship, air)

12 overseas destinations, 16 plants (America, Mexico, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Roumania, South-Africa)

9 Domestic transaction parts manufacturers

50 items handled (Screws, bolts, rivets, spacers, and collars etc. for seatbelts and airbags)

Autoliv Group/Autoliv Japan

Autoliv Group
Autoliv Japan

We provide consultation on purchasing, including overseas transacctions and transportation.

Troublesome face

Many things need to be determined before trading starrts and this is time consuming. I am not keen on sending emails in English.

Troublesome face

I want to accept orders, but the content of the orders is not displayed and the quantity is not determined, so I cannot set up a production schedule.

Troublesome face

I am unsure what to do when there are quality claims or a defect item is found.

Troublesome face

I do not know what packaging to use when exporting overseas. I want to send in their original cartons, but I am not sure whether pallet packaging is required.

Troublesome face

I have orders for small amounts frequently from multiple foreign destinations, and I want to process these in a short time.

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Support available: 9AM-6PM (JST) [excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays]
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We will explain carefully to any customers whether they are with well-experiences of global business or even with none.