Logistics, power generation, Oil & Gas, manufacturing plants, heavy equipment, airline operations, coal mining, water and sewage, and all other industries.




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Uptake Fusion

Uptake Fusion

Logistics, power generation, Oil & Gas, manufacturing plants, heavy equipment, aerial operations, coal mining, water and wastewater, etc. We are liberating data buried within industries and using the data as knowledge for the entire industry.


Machinery and equipment costing and maintenance support

Uptake ASL Explorer

Uptake ASL Explorer

Know in real time whether the cost of machinery and equipment is appropriate. AI helps you replace parts and perform maintenance at the right time.


Cut down on wasted time due to breakdowns.

Uptake Radar

Uptake Radar

AI predicts upcoming malfunctions and problems that may occur with equipment and machinery, leading to quick problem solving.



The world’s largest industrial knowledge database
Asset Strategy Library™

Models more than 2,000 industrial equipment failure mechanisms and maintenance tasks.
Optimized operational data from hundreds of millions of hours and hundreds of different pieces of information to make AI systems successful.
Uptake Radar

Data is derived from large-scale RCM studies and implementations.
Covers a wider range of knowledge than standard RCMs, including failures due to frequency of use or unpredictable failures and time to degradation.



Expanding customer base

25years of data collection

Free and aggregate operations technology data

All data emanating from different devices and equipment can be centrally managed in the cloud for a complete view of the enterprise.

Real-time visualization

Data available anytime, anywhere

Predicts and detects failures and identifies maintenance factors

Easy access to maintenance strategy factors that lead to cost savings

Advanced analytical functionality

Proactively utilize and operate assets (devices and equipment) to optimize data


AI Application Examples (Energy)

Energy Landscape



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AASC is Uptake’s exclusive distributor in Asia. We manage the entire Asia region with a focus on Japan.

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