North American FMC Registration ORGANIZATION NO. 023444

Japan First Class Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Registration Notification National Government Counselor No. 455

Japan Second Class Consigned Freight Forwarding Business License Kokuso Kokubutsu No. 110

China NVOCC Registration Certificate Certificate No. SMTC-NV 00307

Brazil B/L issued TAX ID registered

Japan Exporter/Importer Standard Code Registration Code Number : P0011C920000

Registered with the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Trade Certification Registration No. Trade-194198

Registered for ISO audit, Certificate No. NBS EN ISO 9001:2015

Autoliv Purchasing Agreement (GPA)

All Province Unified Qualification Certificate (Notification of Qualification Examination Result) Vendor Code: 0000198632

Medical Devices, Manufactured and Distributed Vendor Code Registration Vendor Codes: 172294000, 172294001, 172294002