Via Shanghai to Los Angeles(LAX) / Long Beach(LGB)

No container transshipment AASC’s own service
ISO tanker containers, dangerous goods, special cargo, etc.

Main ports in Japan
Please contact us for other local ports.
Shanghai Port (China)
Bonded customs clearance 2 days
If customs inspection is required, approximately 2 additional days will be added.
After receiving customs clearance, the cargo will be stored in a bonded warehouse.
There is no transshipment of containers.
Book and pay for shipping from Shanghai Port (China) to LAX/LGB for re-embarkation
Export customs clearance 1 to 2 days
You will be required to fill out customs clearance documents such as Invoice and Packing List.
Departure from Shanghai Port (China)
It takes 1 to 2 days including waiting.

As soon as the departure from Japan to Shanghai Port (China) is confirmed, we will start booking shipments from Shanghai Port (China) to LAX/LGB.