Try importing and exporting with only a PC!

We have started a parcel tracking service!
It is now possible to track and manage multimodal shipments from the point of origin to the destination.



Simply enter the container number
Tracking Ocean Shipments


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In addition to maritime tracking, it is also possible to track truck and air cargo.



Tracking Ocean Shipments


Tracking Air Shipments


Tracking Road Shipments


With a new level of accuracy, real-time updates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




You can track the position of your package in real-time
and calculate storage time at transshipment ports instantly.



Even if you encounter difficulties, rest assured that
you’ll be notified of any abnormal situations with our alert system.



You can manage multiple shipments in transit on a
single screen, and scheduling is a breeze with our calendar feature.

Are there any issues like this?


Dealing with multiple shipping companies across several organizations takes up a lot of time.

Since you’re transporting a lot of cargo, you’d like guidance on how to fill out the necessary paperwork.

You’re interested in the new service, but you’re anxious about navigating the PC interface, so you’d like assistance.


AASC will be a strong ally whether you’re new to logistics or not.

You can rest assured, even if you encounter difficulties. Specialists are on standby to provide accurate responses to your concerns.


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