Consultation on adjustment of yard delivery date

Container yard for loading and unloading containers and temporarily accumulating them


When production or shipping conditions make it likely that containers will not arrive on time for the scheduled vessel, AASC will negotiate on your behalf for the date and time of delivery to the yard.

Underdeck, etc. Securing and Hot Deliveries

Containers stacked high on the ship


Securing the underdeck
In ocean transportation, which is longer than air transportation and more susceptible to seawater and moisture, external damage to the cargo can be minimized as much as possible by loading containers inside the vessel (underdeck) for transportation. We can negotiate to secure the underdeck as appropriate according to the nature of your cargo.

Please let us know your requirements first!

We will design a tailor-made plan to transport your precious cargo.

We will ask you about the quantity, delivery date, and cargo characteristics in detail.
Logistics Network Coordination
We can take care of door-to-door regardless of export/import.
We coordinate tailor-made logistics networks, including domestic and international packing, rail, trucking, and other arrangements.
We can provide quotations for multiple patterns to meet your needs, including ocean and air delivery.
Support for Preparation of Trade Documents
We welcome customers who are unfamiliar with importing and exporting.
Pickup and shipping arrangements
Whether the export destination is from Japan or outside Japan, our staff around the world will listen to your requests and collect the shipment responsibly.
We will confirm and inform you of the cargo status from the loading of the vessel from the exporting port to the arrival at the importing port to the completion of delivery.
After delivery, we will inform you of the completion confirmation.

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Hours: 9:00-18:00 [except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays].
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We provide detailed explanations for customers who are new to importing and exporting.