Speedy Response

We reply to customer inquiries on the same day. At AASC, you will never be unreachable.

We send you necessary information by e-mail.

We will follow up with you as soon as there is a change in the static after the cargo has left Japan. We also send out information on available space and special offers to registered members via e-mail.

Tell us how we can help you!

We shall create and propose  the best transport plan only for your preciaou cargo.

We shall collect information about cargo volume, lead time or cargo traits as in details as possible.
Distribution network coordination
We can carry goods from door-to-door, regardless of whether they are import / export and coordinate a distribution plan only for your shipment. Domestic/overseas packing, railway or truck arrangements etc are always reaady to be offered.
We can provide our quotations in multiple patterns, combining requests for sea and air etc.
Support for the creation of trade-related documents
Customers who are unfamiliar with import / export procedures can entrust us on any troublesome documents.
Collection and shipping preparation
Regardless of whether the shipment location is Japan or not, our staff around the world wil listen to your request and take responsibility for collection.
We shall check and notify you of the status of your freight from loading on the ship at the export location, to arrival in the import country, to delivery completion. We shall notify you of confirmation of completion after delivery.