NIKKEI FORUM「Asian Leadership in an Uncertain World」

The world is currently undergoing unprecedented changes. In the international community, especially in Asia, the challenges we face are complex, and finding solutions requires a diversity of perspectives and collaborative efforts. During these times, the importance of Asian leadership is profoundly felt.

By understanding and respecting different cultures and values, we can transform diversity into strength. By pooling the unique knowledge, technologies, and innovative ideas of various Asian countries, we can contribute not only to regional development but also to world peace.

Moving forward, we will continue to promote international cooperation based on trust and respect, aiming to build a sustainable society in which people of all generations, including the youth, can participate. During difficult times, an attitude of helping each other and growing together is essential.

I hope this forum will serve as a place to rethink Asian leadership in a turbulent world and explore new solutions. To confront the many challenges, collaboration throughout the international community is essential. Now, here together, let us continue to strive to take that first step.

President and CEO,CHEN CHENG