Regarding to procurement support—COVID-19 measures

Our company AASC supplies auto parts to be delivered to Autoliv, one of the world’s leading car safety system suppliers, all over the world,

utilizing our unique worldwide logistics base and experience, we are close to our customers.

We have the know-how based on the motto of “safety” to protect human lives and understand the mechanisms involved in human lives.

Utilizing this spirit and past many achievements and success we will further expand our activities in the form of “masks” and

other support for medical staff and welfare facilities.

During purchasing activities, we start our business “not trusting” and we focus on quality, delivery time, and aftercare and conduct thorough supplier surveys,

sample evaluations, confirmations with the government, etc.  We have never done the mistake mishandling on procurement activities.

Even if the strict export regulations of the Chinese government, we will be able to deliver the products promptly and accurately which are difficult to obtain.

And also in an abnormal such an environment called a state of emergency, “mind care” for each and every person will also be important.

We will try to provide mind care services that are close to people and can support the hearts of those in need.